Making your own game experience - Commonwealth Rebuild Fallout Twine story

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Making your own game experience - Fallout Twine story.

It's my first story game made in Twine.

It's not a typical "story" game but rather management game.

This game is inspired by the Fallout series (mostly by Fallout 4).

You can go to a several locations, which can be typical locations with some resoruces/enemies or a locations with workshop located on it. On locations with workshop you can build some facilities like beds, water pomps, power generators and crops fields. Every locations has a "danger" factor, which means that you can be attacked by a weaker or stronger enemies.

If player's health will drop down to 0 - the game is over.

Tip: there's a small quest in the Museum of Freedom in Concord location. The treasure will help you fight some tougher enemies ;)

Unfortunately, it's in polish only (but in the future I think I'll make it in english).


The game is in development right now, so it can be (and I truly believe it is) unbalanced and some features might not work as intended but I think it's worth trying.


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