Tequila Platformer - update 1.01

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Tequila Platformer - update 1.01  (build 49).

The main update: modified connection with external database.

Previously it was another java app, constantly run on my server and sometimes it wasn't working poperly. After this update the game communicates with the database by PHP script and it should work better now.

Minor changes:

  • more forgiving collisions between objects
  • Angry Cactuses don't shoot needles immediately after they spot a player but after a short while
  • added Date (in game and in database as well) column. Now there is known who and mainly when put their score on database. All scores before this update has the same date, because I can't remember who and when put their score and that feature wasn't implemented in the previous version of connector app.
  • colors of Power Gems was a little bit modified for a better look and distinction.

You can download current version here.

More info about the game.


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